Version 2.0

Sun, May 23, 2021

Finally! I managed to do a major update for this website!! This website used to be just pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It wasn’t that convenient to add and edit contents because I had to manually edit from multiple pages. I wanted to make it a dynamic website so I can organize contents easier and that’s something I had experience from school but… the requirements… That’s why I searched for alternative and after a lot of times I searched I already found open-source solutions :D

From now on Channel SKZ is running using the Static Site Generator(SSG) Hugo. There’s a lot of SSG but I choose Hugo because that’s the first thing I saw that Netlify recommends and it seems okay. It’s my first encounter with Hugo and it was very confusing at first (R.I.P my dead braincells) but I managed to make things work yey!. The Stray Kids contents are being organized in Google Sheet and I use Export Sheet Data to make a JSON file so I can input a thousand plus of contents Stray Kids has. So far it’s not showing any signs of limit (there’s thousands more coming up please be good to me!). Now I only have to update contents in one place and it’s fewer steps away being published and categorized. Yeyyy!

The other changes:

  • Contents categorized in pages - Before, all contents are in one page depending if it’s about music, variety or V Live streams and categorized using tags but now, each category has it’s own pages.
  • Category description - On the previous version, I put the content descriptions that Stray Kids staff made (translation from doraehan) on the Welcome page but there are new contents already so I decided to write new descriptions on each content series and categories. There are still few descriptions that are based on what SKZ staff wrote but most of it now are written by me.
  • Theme - The theme I had before was completely made by me because I practiced how to style from scratch. I think it looked okay but I really want to change it entirely so I use Anatole theme and just modify it. My favorite about this theme is the light and dark mode (but that little icon cause me headaches hahaha).
  • More pages/posts - something like this one. I’m still working on updating Support page. I want to make it cool and hopefully useful.

(Evolution of Channel SKZ will be put here but since I procrastinate I haven’t done it yet)

That’s it! This is how I unprofessionally document the changes * bow *

Thank You! 💗

Not to be emotional but… Thank you to the STAYs that found this website helpful, gave me feedbacks and suggestions, and are sharing this to Baby STAYs. I didn’t expected that a lot of people will use this and it’s because of you that made me want to learn more. A lot of STAYs have our own way to help new STAYs to get to know Stray Kids and I’m thankful that there are people who are sharing this ❤️. This is not the best but I’ll keep on updating this and I hope this will become useful for a long time.

And if ever someone read this post until here… Thank you so much! 😘