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Stray Kids Survival Show

TV Show. Completed with their own musical identity and worldview, the story of Stray Kids’ birth

Spot Kids: Black

Random moments during their schedules

Spot Kids: White

Short but sweet and adorable Stray Kids moments

The 9th

Pre-debut and pre-comeback variety content until Clé2: Yellow Wood


Fun and precious times of their schedule during album promotions and award/year-end shows


Stray Kids giving cool tips you may use for daily life


Conversation in a room between two members talking about different topics such as trainee life, memories of each other, and more


Member possessed by another member. Stray Kids copying each other's actions and behavior.


Stray Kids taking us with them to various cities and showing us behind the scenes of their tours and concerts

Finding Stray Kids

Stray Kids' own TV variety show. Featuring games, laughter, tour and memories


A or B? A variety where it is up to one’s choice!

One Kid's Room

After taking the MBTI test, one member sits in a room talking about his personality while the other members are talking about him too.


Stray Kids vlogs during their day off and schedule

Two Kids Room +1

Two Kids Room but with one more member

Two Kids Song

Stray Kids pairing up to make different songs out of the same track

Heart Kids Room

Each member searching for their pair by asking questions and choosing the answer they like. Whoever is chosen last wins.

DAY6 Kiss The Radio

Also known as DEKIRA. A radio show with DJ YoungK of DAY6 with weekly guests Lee Know and Seungmin for "Challenge! SKZ" (with occasional SKZ member as special guest)


Felix doing ASMR and teaching Australian slang


Variety of games and fun

KINGDOM: Legendary War

Stray Kids, BTOB, iKON, SF9, THE BOYZ and ATEEZ fighting for the crown showing performances according to the theme

Mysterious Kitchen

Lee Know, HAN, and I.N cooking for Stray Kids

All Night SKZ

'Tonight, I turn on the lights'. Bang Chan, Changbin, Felix, and Seungmin can't sleep

SKZ SONG CAMP Howl in Harmony

Stray Kids divided into 3 units to make 1 song each for NOEASY album. Each unit brainstorms for the song, meet all together to discuss each songs and music video, and there's music video behind the scenes


A week for Stray Kids, the winner of KINGDOM: Legendary War

BTOB Kiss The Radio

Also known as BIKIRA. A radio show with DJ Minhyuk of BTOB with weekly guests Lee Know and Seungmin continuing "Challenge! SKZ"

Idol Dictation Contest

2nd season of Idol Dictation Contest with Lee Know

2 Kids Room

Not "Two" but "2" Kids Room. A pair of Stray Kids members talking about each other while 2 sets of 3 members are talking about the pair. Looks like a combination of Two, Two+1 and One Kids Room :D

SKZ Variety Games

Stray Kids playing different games


Vlogs of different Stray Kids unit also called as RACHA


New Year's STEP OUT, special messages, skits, concert highlight, etc.


For SKZOO contents

SKZ as MCs

Shows with Stray Kids member as MC

Japan Contents

Other Japanese contents for variety or interview


Stray Kids everywhere all around the world. Interviews and games for international STAY

TV Shows

Various TV shows with Stray Kids as guest

Online Contents

Various online contents from different channels


Various radio shows with Stray Kids as guest