Updated Home Page, Contents sorted by 2017-latest

Fri, Feb 25, 2022

A new Home page layout and changed content list

Stray Kids contents list

Stray Kids list of contents on Home page are now limited to the latest contents from last 2 years only. If ever links in the current year are added very late, it will appear on the top as newly inserted.

ALL FROM 2017-PRESENT is for baby STAYs that want to watch contents by date starting from 2017, a new page is dedicated for it. It is now arranged from oldest to latest as requested by some STAYs 😄

Additional on Home page

Latest post of site update - to inform visitors what changes were made in the website.

Improved Stray Kids support notice - to give a better visual to attract attention for Stray Kids supporting announcements such as comeback guides, new release, and major award voting list. Currently limited to home page.

I hope STAYs will appreciate it 🙏🏼

P.S. Pink is not my favorite color but I love the Chocolate Factory theme colors around the page 😍 but I’m going to change theme colors soon 😣