ALL Stray Kids V LIVE sorted by date. Stray Kids livestream to talk with STAY about various things, lots of TMI, wrap up their schedule, celebrate awards, do activities and games, etc.

Group and Unit

V LIVE with all Stray Kids members, or unit


V LIVEs with episodes such as promotional and unit lives

Bang Chan

Bang Chan playing song recommendations from him, Stray Kids, STAY, and friends. Giving the best virtual big hug! He also shares what he found from STAYs (usually on Twitter but no, he doesn't have his own account)

Lee Know

Usually lunch mukbang V LIVE, sometimes Lee Know teaching choreography and dancing in practice room.


Learn how to rap with professor Changbin a.k.a dark rapper (but also baby Changbin)


Hyunjin dancing in Hyunjin's Practice Room, giving advices to STAYs' concern in Counseling Center, chatting when he's on his way from Music Core, and etc.


Even if he was shy at first, HAN became comfortable to talk to STAY on his solo live. He shares TMI about the songs he writes, and more.


Felix charming voice and smile is very healing. Truly a sunshine, our haengbokie~


Seungmin talking to STAY is a certain happiness, you'll wish his avocado friend don't appear after a long talk.


I.N usually chats with STAY but he sometimes do activities on his live. He draw SKZ members, design their photocard, unbox merch (yeah he's the STAY president!) and more.